Cummins exhaust manifold fit

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    Have a 94 5.9L turbo in my Coachmen. In replacing manifold gaskets, I notice that only one port, the third from rear, truly matches up with the head. In each direction, the manifold ports are farther and farther from matching up.

    Does anyone out there have a similar Cummins engine, to see if this is normal? The only sensible explanation I can think of for this design would be to accommodate stretching of the manifold when it's hot. Including both ends, it seems to be about a total of 5/16" short. :question:
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    Re: Cummins exhaust manifold fit

    You are going to need a new manifold as the cooling and heating cycles have shrunk it.
    Go with a new stock one and use double steel stock gaskets- 12 gaskets- 2 on each port- because when you see the head ports- you will see they are eroded some and may need extra sealing. Exhaust gaskets are cheap.
    Skip- who has done this!
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    RE: Cummins exhaust manifold fit


    Thanks for the benefit of your experience. It's amazing how much these things shrink.

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