Dometic Recall of Refrigerators

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by PurpleClassic, Feb 26, 2010.

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    All, I know this post is a bit outdated but I need to post it anyway. Last November (2009) we lost our RV to a refrigerator fire. We did not receive a recall notice until January of 2010. While doing research we found the RV Manufactures and Dometic did not complete the recall as directed by NHTSA. They sent recall notices to owners who sent registration cards back to the manufacture, the did not complete the recall using the State DMV records; at least in California. The other interesting fact is many of the RV manufactures did not keep the documents that match VIN numbers to Dometic Serial numbers; Dometic even duplicated serial number they delivered to Manufactures. All of this to say we have started a web site to get this information out to the RV groups in hopes others will not be un-armed when they need to talk to Dometic or the RV manufactures. The other thing we are working on is a complaint to NHTSA about the Band-Aid Dometic used instead of fix they should had completed. If you have been watching the Toyota committee meetings this week, they mentioned "other" cases of NHTSA not providing the watchdog for consumers that are in review; one of them is this issue.

    Please visit and review the links page. We are private citizens not a law firm, No SPAMING will be done from our pages. If you found out about the recall from any other means other than the manufacture please e-mail us or leave a post for NHTSA statistics.
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    Re: Dometic Recall of Refrigerators

    I thought it was pretty common knowledge for a year or two. I know we discussed it all here on the forum several times.

    Sorry about the loss of your trailer.
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    Re: Dometic Recall of Refrigerators

    Yea, it was pretty well known. We have recalled hundreds of Refers. over the last couple of years. Sorry about yours though.

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