driver's electric seat inoperable

Discussion in 'Class A / Diesel Pushers' started by standardbob, May 3, 2011.

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    Hi, I'm new to RVing and we bought a 1999 Tradewind 37' about two months ago. No problems with seat until today. The seat had been moved completely forward to allow the bump out to be out. I went to drive the motorhome and the seat would not move to driving position. None of the electric buttons worked. I checked all fuses in compartment and all showed positive on both sides with light tester.

    Looked under seat and found no obvious sign of loose wires or connections. No power showed at seat motor. Don't know where else to troubleshoot. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    RE: driver's electric seat inoperable

    Bob, first off welcome to the forum. I had the exact same problem last year. We were camping for a week and after putting out the living room slide we moved out the drivers electric chair away from the dash towards the living area. In hind sight what we ended up doing somewhere along the line was completely turning the chair a full 360 degrees. I was positive that I had pulled something loose under the chair but my portly size prohibited me from wedging my self far enough under the chair to see all of the connections. I was sure I must have shorted something or broken a wire in the sheath, so I managed the best I could and manually put the seat in a drivable but uncomforatable position for the ride home. I put the coach in the shop and sure enough they called back in a couple of hours to tell me that there was a connection under the seat that had in fact pulled loose. I would give it a closer look. Let us know what you find.
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    RE: driver's electric seat inoperable

    Just got back from my motorhome and was successful in fixing my seat problem. I took Jim's suggestion by moving the bumpout all the way out. Then I was able to get to the back of the seat. There were two electrical connections under electrical tape that didn't look right. I removed the tape and found the connections were pulled apart. Replugged them in and the seat worked.

    Thanks Jim for the quick response and tip regarding your seat. It just made my day! Bob
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    Re: driver's electric seat inoperable

    BOB Jim is smart and there are several really smart guys on here that help you out in the future. So, if you have anymore problems just come on back and ask. Or just come on and chat

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