Electrical Question on 2004 pace arrow

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Zaneyone, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. Zaneyone

    Zaneyone New Member

    Just bought a 2004 FW pace arrow. I notice when I plug into street power or run the gen a small
    box (some kind of powered converter/conditioner?)
    under the bathroom/bedroom vanity runs a fan non stop. There is what looked like a heating
    vent cover that I removed to see this unit (caked with dust which I cleaned btw).
    I'm not exactly sure what it is. An AC to DC converter
    or something like that? Anyway, last night after getting the Sat system working, I was hooked to
    street power and running a few lights and the TV when the fan on this unit started pulsating as if it was failing.
    I decided to call it a night anyway so started shutting all the lights and everything off. When I powered
    the last light off, the fan stops. Turn on just one light and the fan starts pulsating again. I haven't
    found anything in my manuals yet as to what it is but wonder if someone has a quick answer for
    me. I'm guessing whatever it is that its failing and will need to be replaced. Just wonder what it does.

  2. Kirk

    Kirk Senior Member

    Re: Electrical Question on 2004 pace arrow

    I am fairly sure that what you found is the 120V-AC to 12V-DC converter. The fan is a cooling fan and most likely when you cleaned it the cooling fan is not needed as much. Most of them have a fan that turns on when temperature requires it and off when not. It sounds as though yours is now cooling better so the fan don't run as much. The reason for lights to effect it is that RV lights operate on 12V power so that you can use them when not connected to shore power, without starting the gen-set.

    I'm not sure what you mean by pulsating, but if you mean turning on and off, then it probably means that the unit could still use more cleaning and it would stay off more. I suggest that you see if you can't get it completely clear of dust and dirt and very likely it will start to cycle on and off for longer periods as needed and perhaps even stay off completely when only running a few small loads.

    Just to be sure that it is the converter that you are speaking of, locate the label on it as there is bound to be one somewhere which will tell you for certain what it is that you have located.
  3. Zaneyone

    Zaneyone New Member

    Re: Electrical Question on 2004 pace arrow

    Thanks for the reply Kirk. Yes, after checking further it is the 120v to 12v converter (WF9865 specifically). I contacted WFCO tech support and they assured me that its working as designed. I'd love to find someone using this same unit to see if it does the pulsating thing (like someone turning it off/on repeatedly in succession). I did remove it and used a compressor to clean as much dust out as I could. It seems to be working fine, just a bit
    annoying is all.

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