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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Calgary Dave, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. Calgary Dave

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    Driving home from our last trip, my main cable running to the 7-way plug in the truck ended up dragging on the ground and exposing all the wires and probably shorting out a few things. I didn't notice it until I went to unhook and the marker lights were all off.
    I did a minor repair job, hoping it was enough to drive it back to the storage yard so I can repair it properly.
    Unfortunately, I still have no marker lights, and no signal/flasher/brake lights on the drivers side for the trailer. Passenger side brake and signal light work.

    I was looking over everything and then came upon these two inline fuses, one 30-amp, the other a 50-amp, and the 50-amp is melted completely. But everything (other than the brake/signal lights) seems to be working. Slide motors, all interior lights, etc. I don't know if this just happened, or it was blown from the day I got it. Everything worked then, and still works now.

    Does anyone know what these two inline fuses would be for?
  2. C Nash

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    I would guess one may be to charge the battery from the alternator

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