Electronic spark vs open flame pilot

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by Scavenger, Nov 27, 2009.

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    I was attempting to to fire up the furnace on my new to me 1990 Lynx Prowler camping trailer for this first time yesterday . It is a Hydroflame furnace. The vague manual seems to indicate that it should be electronic ignition. The gas valve however appears to be a traditional "hand light, push and hold till the flame stays lit" application. There is a pezio push sparker however. Is the sparker intended to activate an open flame pilot light or to actually assist in activation of an electronic sparking system?
    Also after setting the thermostat to high, after a minute or so the fan finally came on and ran for about 2 minutes. I failed to get any kind of ignintion that I could determine, pilot or other wise. I hit the pezio sparker several times. The fan eventually shut off then would not come back on after resetting the thermostat a couple of times. It says the fan needs to be running to ignite the pilot.
    I cannot see where I could actually hand light a pilot. I can see where the thermocouple goes in but it looks to be inaccessible without disassembly.
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    Re: Electronic spark vs open flame pilot

    Hard to tell without a picture. But on mine with the auto ignition system I have had to go through several of the 3 times to try to light and your out before I got the gas line purged and go a flame. Also a possible problem would be too low a battery to let the fan run fast enough for the sail switch to allow gas flow or the sail switch could be bad. Here is a site for owners manuals, could be more complete than yours.



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    Re: Electronic spark vs open flame pilot

    If it is automatic ignition for lighting you should be able to 1, turn on lp, 2, turn on furnace thermostat, 3, hear a clicking noise that would indicate it is trying to light. and 4., light if all is ok. The fan comes on normally prior to ignition to blow out the system prior to lighting and after flame goes out it will blow for a little bit also to cool things down. Battery must be fully charged. Might be an issue with Sail Switch. May need unit taken out and cleaned if it is old and has not been used. A good shop can bench test it for you. Could also be the brains for the furnace (like on a hot water tank or fridge..electrical board). I assume your LP is full and your turned on for LP and your leak detector is operating correctly so that LP is getting to the furnace. just a few things for checking.

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