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    Has anyone had a electrical management system installed??
    I was thinking about installing one on one of of my customer's rv ,, he wants to run both a/c units off of a 30 amp ,, and since i cannot find an a/c sychronizer for him i thought this would be the next best thing...
    Anyway ,, let me know u'r inputs on the thingy and the cost ,, cause i need to shoot this guy a price ,, but i have no clue since i have never installed one,, i have no prob with installing it cause i have done a few rv remodels and i think it's no different.. thanks for the input :)
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    Re: EMS

    One came standard on my coach. I've never used it; when on 30 amps or less, I run the front A/C during the day and the rear A/C during the night. They both feed into the same duct and so far I've not been anywhere that this has not kept us cool enough.

    I use the inverter controller to turn off or limit the power to the battery charger. Water heater on gas, of course.

    I find the order of withdrawing power somewhat odd. First it looks like it cuts of 1 compressor, than the other compressor then the first fan and then the second fan.
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    Re: EMS

    Well my customer has dumper a/c's ,, u know the ones that go straight into the coach ,, no duct work,,, i myself don't see the prob with going to the rear of the coach and switching the switches ,, for front and rear,, but the customer is always right,, bty i contacted PPL and there sending some info ,, also Stagparkway is gonna send me info ,, thanks for the help .. i know even rv techs get in a bind now and then ,,, i guess that's what i get for advertising ,, custom installs and remodels ,,, oh well go with the good and bad ;) :)
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    Re: EMS

    I have one..standard on the coach...that was what was FRIED when we had that power surge go the coach!! I like it...I like to be able to monitor my usage and be sure not to overload the coach.

    Please be sure you ALWAYS have a power surge protector before you plug in!!!

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