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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by Toddwh, Dec 8, 2008.

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    I am looking at buying my first RV TT and trying to decide about an extended warrenty. The difference is I am looking at a used 08 model that no longer has the factory warrenty so if I don't buy an extended, then I don't have anything. From doing research on this site it seems like people like extended warrenties for M/H but consider a waste of money other wise. I am just a little nervous being a frist timer and not having any protection if something expensive breaks.

    What are your thoughts?
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    Re: Extended Warrenties - Different Question

    Well an extended warranty will cost you from 1000 to 10,000 dollars. Bank that in a savings account and only use it for repairs and you will probably be money ahead.
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    Re: Extended Warrenties - Different Question

    Extended warranties work best for MotorHomes. I wouldn't waste the money on one for a TT. The RV exterior/frame/chassis should have a 2 years warranty and most problems will be fixed in those 2 years. Most of the appliances have 2 year warranties and the original equipment manufactures will extend a warraty on most of the appliances. However, even those are usually a waste of money. Most of the appliances will last 6 or more years.

    I bought an extended 7 year warranty on my 5th wheel in 1995 and the original warranties on the appliances were good for the first 2 years, so all I got was 5 years worth. I used $500 worth of warranty in the extended 5 years and paid $1200 plus interest for it. Net loss $700 plus interest
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    Re: Extended Warrenties - Different Question

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    RE: Extended Warrenties - Different Question

    I purchased a 1993 Winnebago Brave 31' in 2004 and purchased a warranty good for 4 years for about $1600. I kept track of everything and by the time I traded it in this year the warranty company had paid almost $10,000 in repairs. Now this was a much older model but it was well worth the investment. I recently purchased a 2005 Georgie Boy Pursuit and didnt think twice about getting the 4 year warranty for it. I paid a little bit more this time around but not much. I think is it well worth it for the piece of mind if you are driving an RV. I rolled the warranty into the note because I could not afford the extra money at the time and I could not afford it now if I were to lose an engine or even an air conditioning unit. The key is to go with a reputable firm, some have booklets they give you so you know what they don't cover; avoid them.
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    Re: Extended Warrenties - Different Question

    Plenty of references right here, on the left. Under RV's, the bottom link.
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    Re: Extended Warrenties - Different Question

    If you roll the warranty into the notes you are paying interest on it IMO. Never dealt with any extended for myself but did do the work on extended auto warrantys. If you read all the fine print and know what is covered you are ahead. Proper procedures on claims are a must. Seen them work for some and not for others. Just kind of like playing the odds. Think the warranty companys come out ahead or they could not stay in business. I agree it's best just to put back some $$$ ever month for repairs or carry the plastic card but on them you will really pay the interest. AJMO

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