FIFTH WHEEL 18,000 Gross & 3000 Hitch Wieght

Discussion in 'Towables' started by Eightarches, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. Eightarches

    Eightarches New Member

    Looking at a 40' Toy Hauler ( Heartland Cyclone 3795 )

    Gross Weight = 18,000 lbs
    UVW = 12,130 lbs
    Hitch = 3000 lbs

    Looking for the best truck to pull this 5th Wheeler.
    Anyone with any experience pulling something
    this large and heavy please weigh in.

    Thanks in advance. :)
  2. Grandview Trailer Sa

    Grandview Trailer Sa Senior Member

    Re: FIFTH WHEEL 18,000 Gross & 3000 Hitch Wieght

    Hello and welcome

    You CAN pull this with a one ton Dually, but I would want a GMC 4500 or a downsized Freightliner with the hauler body.
  3. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Re: FIFTH WHEEL 18,000 Gross & 3000 Hitch Wieght

    I would go with the latter Ken suggested if I was going to do much towing.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Re: FIFTH WHEEL 18,000 Gross & 3000 Hitch Wieght

    I agree with ,, nash and ken ,, need more truck and stopping ability ,, but for others out there ,, JMO ;) :approve: :laugh:
  5. Charles T

    Charles T New Member

    RE: FIFTH WHEEL 18,000 Gross & 3000 Hitch Wieght

    There's more factors to be considered than "What CAN tow this trailer". A more important question is "What is needed to STOP this trailer". Rolling down the road is the easy part. Stopping an overloaded truck is the hard part.

    One weight factor most don't seem to consider is the Gross COMBINED Vehicle Rating. Most one ton duallys have a combined weight rating of 23,000#s. Many medium duty trucks (C/K 4500's and larger) are usually around 26,000#.

    Facts and figures of my dually: GVWR - 12.200#, GCWR - 23,000#, CURB WEIGHT (full fuel, 2 passengers & misc other cargo) - 8,500#. GVWR minus CURB = 3,700# for PIN weight. Personally, I would not want to exceed 3,000# PIN.

    My truck with your trailer: GCWR minus CURB minus trailer UVW = 2370# Cargo Carrying Capacity. One other important fact is MFG's stated UVW is with no options. CURB weight includes options, propane, other liquids which will decrease the CCC of personal items. Dependent on construction, holding tank placement etc, your PIN weight could increase to an unsafe condition.

    Conclusion: it is possible to tow this with a one ton dually but with minimal cargo, you wouldn't have much weight capacity to haul your toys. A medium duty or heavy duty truck is the best or only choice.

    Another thought is insurance. IF you are involved in a serious accident and during investigation your rig is weighed and found to be overweight . . . well, you figure what the liability could be.

    Charles T
  6. Eightarches

    Eightarches New Member

    RE: FIFTH WHEEL 18,000 Gross & 3000 Hitch Wieght

    Here are my calculations so far:

    Trailer Dry = 12130
    110g H2O = 917
    40g Gasoline = 260
    60g Propane = 270
    2 Propane Tks = 40
    4 Dirt Bikes = 1200
    Ice Chest = 300
    Food = 100
    Contingency = 1000
    Total Predicted
    Trailer Weight = 16217 lbs

    4 People = 800
    45g Diesel = 340
    Contingency = 500
    Total Predicted
    Truck Cargo = 1640 lbs
  7. Charles T

    Charles T New Member

  8. GregsBears04

    GregsBears04 New Member

    Re: FIFTH WHEEL 18,000 Gross & 3000 Hitch Wieght

    Kind of the same question ... just a little twisted ..

    I have a Dodge 2500 HD.. with a 6 cyl diesel As far as I know the gcvr is 20,000 lbs... I am interested in getting a 5th wheel...

    As far as I know , back when I was shopping for just the TT I had an allowance for as much as 850 lbs hitch weight .. Now that I am interested in the 5th wheel, does anyone know what if any my hitch weight goes up to ? Being it will no longer be hooked up directly on the tail gate, doesnt the hitch weight go up because the weight is more dispersed?
    By the way , the truck itself weighs about 7900 lbs..... personel and dogs and added crap would be an added 800 or so .
  9. Charles T

    Charles T New Member

    Re: FIFTH WHEEL 18,000 Gross & 3000 Hitch Wieght

    Yes, the hitch (pin) weight would be more but there is not enough info for determining the amount.

    You will need to know truck GVWR, GAWR (rear) and actual axle weight and actual truck weight (full fuel, passengers and cargo . . . ready to hook and tow).

    Subtract truck weight from GVWR and actual axle from GAWR. The lesser of the two numbers is the maximum pin (hitch) weight allowed.

    Trailer sizing:
    GCWR minus actual truck weight = maximum trailer weight. Average pin weights is 20%, +/-, of actual trailer weight. Pin weight percentage will vary due to load placement and construction (holding tank placement)

    Your stated 20,000 GCWR sounds about right for a 3/4 ton pick-up. With your stated numbers, trailer GVW could be up to 12,100#. Pin weight should be +/- 2420#. This may be limited to your max pin weight allowed.

    Hope this will help you in determining the correct size fifth wheel for your truck. I would not trust the brochure or any other fictional UVW's provided, . . . have the trailer weighed before purchase

    All numbers are "ball park", get your actual figures and go from there.
  10. GregsBears04

    GregsBears04 New Member

    Re: FIFTH WHEEL 18,000 Gross & 3000 Hitch Wieght

    Charles T.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to explain all . I will proceed ahead with caution and have the actual numbers I need. On the rough, I would not like to get anywhere close to whatever max weight is allowed... As is, I like my truck, so I do not want to kill it before its time.
    As for dealers, they typically look at my truck, see the word diesel written on the side and instantly they say,,, Oh well you have a diesel ,,,, you can get anything you want right up to 3 or 4 slides.... That may be true in some 5th wheels, but certainly not all... And for sure after finding a 3 or 4 slider, there would not be much room for play.
    A two slider, or even a one slide unit is fine. One thing I have noticed is that a one slide unit has more room than a two slide unit ... (Asssuming the slides are not out and they are accross from each other) To me, this is an asset for those rest stops when you would like to just pull over and take a break from driving... go into the rv and use it for whatever.
    But thank you for all the info... I am still looking .. I do hope to find what I want, within the price range that I want it to be.

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