Fifth wheel hitch & bed liner

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by buckbs, Jul 14, 2002.

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    I'm new at this and need some help. I've just bought a new F-350, turbodiesel, dualies, and the heavy duty package. I'm going to put a spray in bedliner in before I mount my fifth wheel hitch, but have heard though the grapevine that if you mount the hitch on top of a bedliner, the cushioning will compress, and the bolts will not hold well. I do not want a loose hitch, and need some advice from you experienced RV'ers.

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    Fifth wheel hitch & bed liner


    There are many 5th wheel towers that are using the spray-in liners. They work just fine. You will want to keep the hardware tight, but thats just standard maintenance.

    About your process, Id modify it a bit - should aid in a good clean installation:
    1 - Install the hitch
    2 - Remove the hitch
    3 - Spray the liner
    4 - Re-install the hitch

    This way if you scratch the paint during the installation or mis drill a hole, you will have a chance a it being covered with the spray-in liner.

    Also, DO USE pilot holes when installing the hitch to 'peek' into the bed as there is no other way to see where the holes will actually end up in the bed of the truck. Mounting the frame hardware is how the instructions suggest - the hardware and truck frame set the baseline for where all the rest lands so start there.

    Good luck.

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    Fifth wheel hitch & bed liner

    Hello buckbs

    I have asked the Line-X folks the same thing you are asking here. And they have said the same thing wittmeba has mentioned in his post. I have not sprayed a liner in my truck, but there are times I wish I had already done so. If I have it to do over again, I would have a liner sprayed in. And use the steps wittmebe mentioned.


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