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  1. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Well we have finally got the tire situation straightened out with the help of Good Year. And NO help from Camping World who install the wrong tires on our MH. After 3 blowouts Good Year stepped up and replaced all the wrong tires with a very good price. GY even tried to get C W to help but they could care less. Would not even give me a break if I purchased new ones from them. I could write a book on the problems I had with the to light tires they installed. Also never had a problem with Good Sam road servive till they merged with GS. Last blowout I had I had to get my own RS to change out my tire. GS rep told me my cost to get the tire changed would be 150 dollars. Most I had paid on previous was 35. I got the total road service for 86. After posting my problem on GS forum Frank did make it right and reimbursed me full amount. All the reps I had dealt with on previous calls were very helpful and kept calling to see if all was ok. Just hope that the merge with CW does not bring GS down to CW level of customer service!!! After 2 months of delaying our winter migration south we are finally gone. Amazing how much better the MH rides and handles with the correct tires. Thanks to GOOD YEAR for stepping up and help slove my tire problem even though it was not their fault.
  2. wildcatervin

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    Nash,glad that all is ok.Had the same kind of problem on my truck tires.They went 2 sizes to big,stated that was the size.They were wronge but I checked and it didn't make much difference with the milage,so other than the hassle I kept them.Of cours yours is a whole different ball game.Might of even of caused a accident.
  3. krsmitty

    krsmitty Senior Member

    Glad to hear all is well.

    Why I do not have anything to do with CW.
  4. Shadow

    Shadow Senior Member

    Good news Chelse, now get out and put some miles on them. ;)
  5. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Butch we are putting miles on them. We are at Davis Bayou now and don't know which way the wind will blows us next. Ken we were just close to CW when I needed new tires and they had a good rebate at the time. Now I know it was really Good Year that was giving the rebate. Wildatervin, At least we were lucky that all the blowouts were on the rear and no damage was done to the MH. I always ck air pressure before I leave even if I have just camped for a night. MH has also been weighed and well under for tires which came on MH from factory . CW installed F load and should have been G like came on it. I know I should have caught it but just never dawned on me to look.
  6. Guest

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    Good to hear ,, nash ,, i myself have never been a fan of GY tires ,, but that is me ,, and as far as CW ,, well i only buy the regular stuff from them ,, i would never go as far as any maint on my MH from them ,, but that is me ,, JMO :)
  7. H2H1

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    Well Nash you know I have GY on my MH. They was on my MH when I bought it and I replaced them with GY. I have never had a flat, and I hope it stays that way. I am pushing 5 years own them now, so looking at another set in a few years, or a newer MH with good up dated tires. My MH is pushing 11 years old now, just time to start looking to up date. I AM thinking of a Fleetwood Revolution or even a American Eagle. But a Newmar Mountainaire would be nice to. I THINK I WILL PULL THE TRIGGER NEXT YEAR AND BUY
  8. LEN

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    Just shows to go ya, we must as owners always keep an eye on the items we pui on the RV's.The pro's are not a;ways pro's.

  9. C Nash

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    Len, after 74 yrs you would think I would have learned!! I am from the age that a persons word was as good as a signed statement and most cared about their reputation. tnravs, I got 9yrs out of the first set of GY so they served me well. Hollis at our age we dont need to be waiting. LOL If you get a new one that means I will have to. But think I will just settle for a Prevost.

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