finding RV from oversees

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by glbtrotter, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. glbtrotter

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    Hello everyone,
    we have just found this forum and are happy to see that so many people are helping eachother !
    To get right to the point:
    we live in germany and are looking to buy a Class C Rv between 26 -31 foot , limit 25 000$
    we want to keep it in the us and have the possibility to store it in CO.
    It is no problem to find what we are looking for, our problem is that we dont have the time to travel around the us to look at each one individually to see if it is ok.
    My question is: how does one find a reliable dealer when shopping online for an RV.Maybe someone has very good expierience with someone and can pass that on to us,
    maybe there are some questions you can tell us to ask when we talk to the seller (dealer)
    it seems that Gulfstream conquest are a good choice!?
    we liked another rv very much that was sold from a private party,and are going to contact that person
    also to give us some information.
    Well that is the first questions that we have,
    I am sure there will be many more to come.......
    but this seems to be the right place to go to ask them
    thank you all ahead of time already for taking the time to answer
    we really appreciate it

  2. akjimny

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    Re: finding RV from oversees

    Hi Monika and welcome to the forum. For your budget of $25,000 you are going to get a used Class C motor home. You will get more bang for your buck from a private party seller rather than a dealer because of no overhead. The downside is you have virtually no recourse back to the seller if anything goes wrong.
    Trying to do this by remote control from Germany is really going to be tough. Do you have any friends or family in the States that can scout around for you?
    Hopefully some of the other forum members will chip in with their ideas. About all I can do is wish you the best of luck and keep us posted as things progress.
  3. glbtrotter

    glbtrotter New Member

    Re: finding RV from oversees

    Thank you Jim for the posting :)

    We found the next question.
    As we sayed already we'll store the RV in CO (relatives). They should be able to use it too!!

    How to register and insure the unit as a foreign citizen?
    We found different possibilities
    1. Put it under there name in CO (pretty much expensive ?!? isn't it)

    2. Found a LLC in Montana under our name (foreign citizen) and store it also in CO. If the family use the RV they 'rent' it from us. Could it be a problem? (Tax wise?) If we drive the unit it doesn't matter!

    But thats the paperwork ... we found a dealer 'PPL Motor Homes' in TX and talked about an RV we interrested in.
    1. Do you know the dealer and can say something about them?
    2. the RV is an 2000 Gulf Stream Conquest Sport 6280 with about 60KMilage, it seems like in pretty good condition
    Are there special known problems on this model? except the typical like: tires, batteries, engine, generator, water holding system and water damage, awning?
    We think that Gulfstream Conquest is a good and solid brand. But we're totaly newbies!!! So give us some informations

    We are thinking to use the unit for about 10 year from now?

    Looking forward .....

    Dirk :)
  4. Kirk

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    Re: finding RV from oversees


    Are you aware that in order to register and license an RV in the USA, you must have a legal address in the state where you choose to do so? In the US each state has their own laws about vehicle registrations and taxes, so it can be important. Before you buy the RV, it is very important that you understand what is required to prevent you from buying the RV and then not being able to get license plates for it. You may need to get the licenses for it in your home address, from Germany.

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