First time RV purchase questions

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by RopintheWind, Feb 14, 2011.

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    I've got this idea that I should purchase a camper for my pickup truck and enjoy some roadtrips this summer. Yet, everyone under the sun (except the people selling their campers) tells me that it's all more complicated than I realize. Are there any other single women out there that have some advice to offer me? Safety considerations? What's the story on hydraulic/electric jacks? Insurance? What size camper fits onto a 7 foot shortbox, extended cab heavy-half ton Chevy Silverado Z-71 anyway? Weight limits? Aluminum or ? I have 6-lug tires, a 350 engine, heavy duty Cooper tires. How do I know how much I should pay for a used camper? Is there a 'blue book' for campers? The dealer (of course) says that campers run much over the 'blue book' pricing? Are there guarantees/warrantees on used campers or are they purchased 'buyer beware', as-is? Where should one purchase their camper, private owner or off a lot? What title(s) need to be transferred? This could be fun, right? I can't seem to find a truck/camper rental to try this all out. Any suggestions (women or men!) greatly appreciated. Happy motoring!
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    Re: First time RV purchase questions

    Hi Teresa and welcome to the RVUSA Forum. I went to the NADA website ( and poked in a 2006 Lance camper, just as an example to see what the machine would tell me. The website will give you the suggested list price, low retail price and average retail price, depending on what options the camper has. This should work for you if you are looking for a used camper. Plus, what condition the used camper is in. That counts a bunch.

    As to how much camper you can carry, you would need to know what your truck's Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is and make sure your camper does not exceed that weight. Remember to add in the weight of the water in the water tank, groceries, "stuff" and anything else you might carry.

    I have never had a pickup camper but have been a passenger in one. This was on a 3/4 ton F350 Camper Special Ford pickup and it made me nervous every time we went around a corner. Talk about lean!! Personally I would look at a 20 foot travel trailer. You would have more room and wouldn't have to "tote the home" everywhere you went. But that's just my opinion. Other folks on the forum can probably help you more.

    Welcome again and post back to let us know how things go. :) :) :)
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    Re: First time RV purchase questions

    If you can back into a garage then you can back under a camper. Jim is correct about pulling a small trailer. Loading and unloading a pick up camper and be tricky. You should always have help. With a trailer you can unhook by yourself.

    I don't feel that any camper worth having does not belong on a short bed pick up. But that is just my opinion. In either case you will enjoy getting out. Have fun and let us know what is happening. :approve:
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    Re: First time RV purchase questions

    There is no possible way to answer all of your questions on a forum such as this. I suggest that you do some reading and research and then start with some basic questions and work your way through them a little at a time. You would also be well served to join the RV Consumer group.
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