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Discussion in 'Destinations' started by Cryzmath, Jan 30, 2007.

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    Ekk! Okay - I admit it - I'm not crazy about fishing, but my dh is nuts about fishing. We plan to take a trip from the west coast (Washington State) to Maryland (to just outside the beltway), with several stops along the route. I was wondering if anyone can provide some good possible fishing areas? (We'll be traveling during the month of July - and part of August.) We plan to stop in Yellowstone NP, routes in WY, maybe CO and KS. From there - we're just going with the flow. My dh loves to fish lakes more than rivers, but she enjoys catching and releasing the fishes. Maybe she'll bring a few home - which I will have to cook. :dead:
    Any suggestions?
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    RE: Fishing along route

    I guess you plan on buying out of state licenses in each state as well. That can get a little pricey at times. Anyway there is good fishing in Yellowstone, recommend renting a boat if going out on the lake to fish. Most of yellowstone is good fishing during their seasons but very restrictive on what you can and cannot keep. On the lake you can keep all the lake trout you can catch and they can be some really nice fish if you get out there with a boat. Kansas has some fair fishing about the middle of the state and not far north of Highway 70. Head north in hwy 77 to Milford Lake or 177 to tuttle creek lake. Both are not far from each other.
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    Re: Fishing along route

    Sounds good -- I will look into it. As for the boat -- try kayaks! We're bring our kayaks with us and my dh loves to fish from her kayak. :shy: :laugh:
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    Re: Fishing along route

    You may also look for a campground with a "private fishing" lake. Many do not require a state license but may charge a fee to fish their "stocked" lake.

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