Fold down/swing down TV brackets for front TV

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by bruce642, May 7, 2009.

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    Have any of you ever used a bracket that is "ceiling" mounted? It then folds/swings down to lock into place. When traveling it folds back up to ceiling. I found a bracket with a max of 55 lbs. Was looking to replace 13" tv with a 26"-32" LCD HDTV. I was just wondering if anyone has seen and or used these brackets. Also if it's mounted to the ceiling there was have to been some type of "support" under there right? Are there studs under the ceiling?

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    Re: Fold down/swing down TV brackets for front TV

    Bruce, I've seen those in upper end MHs, but they were in there from the start. There's hardly any way to know where you might find support in the ceiling of a MH without knowledge/support from the original manufacturer.

    I bought a 22" LCD to replace my old TV that went out. I actually bring it into the house when we're not traveling and use it on my desk for a TV and a second monitor for my computer.

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