food spoiling/boondocking

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by adamant, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. adamant

    adamant New Member

    from week to week's it seems like some food starts to go bad in dry storage...
    1. peanut butter
    2. jelly
    3. salid dressing..
    4. and i know there is more...
    i know this type of foods can't keep for weeks,...but it should last for 6 mo. or so..
    we opened the jelly and it had mold on iy,the peanut butter was 1/2 oil on top...
    any of you go through this?

    ARCHER Senior Member

    food spoiling/boondocking

    I guess you mean inside the camper/rv. When I am not using the motorhome, we take all the food stuffs out of it and to the house. I leave the windows ajar some to keep air flow and I put in a moisture absorber (like for use on a boat) in the sink (to catch overflow water). oh, I also open my top/roof vents (have the covers for them) and we leave the doors open to the closets/storage areas inside.
    I'd guess it is a humidity problem you are encountering.
    Try the above and see if it helps. I don't ever have this problem while we are using the MH.
    Good luck :)
  3. the7ofus

    the7ofus New Member

    food spoiling/boondocking

    I do not leave any food items in my motorhome between trips. All food items whether they are in a box can or bag, openend and un-opened are removed the day I return.

    I also make sure all kitchen surfaces are clean and dry. The fridge/freezer is also cleaned and the doors are left open.

    Like "Archer" I leave the roof vents open for circulation, I also have those nifty covers that keeps the rain of the bed. oops

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