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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by carrollton, Oct 26, 2010.

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    Looking around on there site and noticed some of there 5ver's tire/wheel combo dont add up to be able to handle dry weight, not even close on GVWR. Anyone else noticed this or have had any problems with there forrest river 5ver. We own a Wildcat 30loft now and had a tire blowout with less than 3k miles. My loaded weight is 10600lbs. My tires are D rated 2540lbs max load X 4 eqauls 10160lbs Is Forrest River so money concerned that they cut it so close. Today I ordered Maxxis 225/75/15 E rated tires.
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    Re: Forrest River Factory Tires

    We have a 35ret. sandpiper,and it has load range E on the trailer. Our last trailer was also a forest river tt,and alos had load range E. Think it might be a tire mixup,i do know that forest river gets many tires from different vendors.
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    Re: Forrest River Factory Tires

    FR has a history with me using undersized tires. What they are doing is calcualting the tounge weight and only putting tires on heavy enough to carry the weight that is on the tires. What that does, is put the tires at MAXIMUM all the time and some of these Chinese tires just can't take it.

    Take you trailer to a scale....our local feed store has your rig through the scale. Stop and see what your total weight is....then drive the truck off the scale, weighing only the tires of your trailer. (Your tires HAVE to cover that weight.) Now, unhook and drive the truck back across. Now you can calculate the tounge weight your trailer has: Total weight, minus tire weight, minus truck weight = tounge weight. Just some good things to know.

    Like I said, your tires HAVE to cover the weight that your tires have on them. IF "D" rated tires add up close to that weight, I would go to an "E" and give your tires some breathing room.
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    Re: Forrest River Factory Tires

    As a Wildcat dealer, we find this question (and problem) coming up frequently! And I don't disagree that they are playing the weight numbers way too close. However, I rarely find one that is over it's rating! The tire quality? Well, that's another issue! :angry:

    The GVWR on your rig is 11,380 (as published by FR), your dry hitch weight is 1220, and your tire rating is 10,160. In it's extreme simplicity, that adds up 100%. But, when you figure in the fact that some of your payload is up in the area above the pin box, and the truck will be carrying that weight, the load on the axles is still under the ratings of the tires....if not by much! (provided you haven't gone beyond your cargo capacity) Your cargo capacity for that rig is about 1700.

    Going to a "good quality" tire in an E load range would be an awesome idea. Certainly will give you some peace of mind and safer travel. I wish FR would just put them on in the first place. A crappy E range tire is still better than a crappy D range! :laugh:

    Good Luck and safe travels!

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