Found our 5th wheel

Discussion in 'Full Timing' started by dvfreelancer, Feb 25, 2010.

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    We decided to go with a Heartland Bighorn. They have really good insulation and the dealer gave us a great price on it.

    It's also short enough we can get in our drive through garage doors, so we can store and provision it indoors until we're ready to leave.

    Soon as the house sells, we'll be outta here.

    Advice on Orlando area RV parks would be greatly appreciated.
  2. C Nash

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    Re: Found our 5th wheel

    Congratulation on the rv Chris. Good luck on the house sale and happy trails :approve: Keep us posted
  3. dvfreelancer

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    Re: Found our 5th wheel

    Yeah, sure will. I may decide to do a documentary on the experience. If I do, I'll be contacting some of you guys for interviews. You'll need to sign an appearance release, so if you're in the witness protection program or something, take a pass.

    This unit has a lot of great features I didn't find out about until later. The storage tanks are completely enclosed, insulated and heated as are the gate valves. The insulation is really good (better than our house) and it's all formaldehyde free. It's a really nice unit. Brand new at a used camper price, plus we traded our Class C.

    If end up leasing this place instead of selling it, some day I may consider starting a business rehabing campers. I have the perfect place to do it. Discovered my garage has 50 amp service outside and inside. And there's a sewer connection inside the garage. Just found that when I was cleaning. Work with a small crew. Strip a used camper down to the frame, upgrade the components and resell them. Or just do RV service. Either one. I'm guessing I'll learn a lot about working on RV's on the road. :laugh:
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    Re: Found our 5th wheel

    Hopefully not!

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