Generac Generator Question

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Gordy, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. Gordy

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    I recently purchased a 1997 Gulf Stream Sunvoyager that is equipped with a Generac 6600 generator. The generator starts just fine and runs on up to a normal 2700 RPM

    The problem is this - nothing in the RV powers up and runs off of the generator. The television, microwave, air conditioner..... nothing works.

    Do I have to "flip a switch" someplace or manually connect something to have these items run off of the generator?

    I am sure it is something simple and I am new to RVing with a rig this size.

  2. Bush70

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    Generac Generator Question

    I don't know what RV you have but look inside the box the power cord comes out of. You probably have to plug the cord in there. Some are not automatic switching and the same cord that you use for park power has to be pluged in to the coach for the Generac to work.
    Good luck
  3. spiderman

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    Generac Generator Question

    Gordy -

    I'm not familiar with your rig so I can't give specific advice, but I can give you some general tips based on what I found out about our Dolphin LX.

    First, go out to the genset and look it over carefully. Our Generac has a pair of its own circuit breakers and they must be in the "on" position or you'll get no power in the RV. Did that solve the problem?

    If not, are you sure that you've reset all the circuit breakers on the breaker panel? Turn off the genset. Turn all the circuit breakers off. Then restart the genset and let it run a few minutes. Then beginning with the master breaker(s) turn them on one at a time. Is there power?

    If not, the next most probable cause is whatever passes for a transfer switch in your rig. There are at least three ways that an RV with a genset can switch from genset power to shore power and back: Either you've got an automatic switch (transfer switch) that preferentially switches to shore power but kicks over when you start the genset. Possibly, yours isn't working. If you look it over and it seems that's the case either have an electrician look at it and possibly fix it or take it to an RV dealer who sells your brand of RV. Unless you're a card carrying electrician I'd recommend that you didn't try to fix it yourself.

    Or, the transfer switch is manual and you've got to find it and switch it back or forth whenever circumstances require.

    Lastly, like our Dolphin, instead of a transfer switch you may have to unplug a cable that connects shore power to the rig and plug in a different cable that comes from the genset. In our Dolphin that 4-prong outlet and the associated cable connectors are located in the same storage bay as the power cord.

    These are the simple fixes. If none of these work you should take your rig to a dealer and pay them to find the problem and fix it.

    I must warn you, when you're working on the electrical system in your RV you must take AT LEAST as much care as you would working around the electrical system of your home. Because the power is coming from some little genset hidden in some compartment doesn't make it any less deadly, or reduce its capacity for burning your rig to the ground. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!
  4. Gordy

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    Generac Generator Question

    Thanks for the great tips.

    I never thought of looking for a place to plug in the power cord inside the cord compartment. I will also look the generator over for any curcuit breakers that may be in the off position. I will try all of these tonight when I get back home. Thanks

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