generator comes on all electricity goes off

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by zuma72, May 21, 2014.

  1. zuma72

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    First time camper owner at first my generator would not start. So cleaned carb and it starts but as soon as it does a few seconds later all my power goes off. generator stays running.. I have checked the 30Amp switch its good. And I am getting 110 from generator i think checked the juction box under my bed. that i think goes to rest of trailer.from what i've read on here there is a switch to change over but i can't find it if there is one. it's a 2006 toyhauler if that helps.Thanks James
  2. Guest

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    what type of genset do u have ??? and also what u have read means a transfer switch ,, but usally u can hear it switch ,, i would ck the breakers on the genset itself ,, it might have tripped one ,, most have 2 ,, also ck the 12 volt fuses on the set ,, they can cause issues also
  3. LEN

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    Also some older and yours seems newer RV's need to have the shore power cord plugged into a Gen power supply. Was the gen original eguiptment?

  4. zuma72

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    If your asking what kind of generator its a generac. And yes its original. I has a switch on front of trailer was told it was battery shut off. but when I turn it to off gen still starts. It has some lights on on the convertor but none light up.

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