getting furnace and hot water heater to work

Discussion in 'RV Tips & Tricks' started by sandy, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. sandy

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    I just bought a 1990 terry 27 ft travel trailer. The previous owner had it hooked up to electricity to run the furnace, refer and hot water. I want to use the propane on the furnace and hot water heater. Is there a valve/button I need to engage to make them work with propane????

    ARCHER Senior Member

    Re: getting furnace and hot water heater to work

    Welcome Sandy, the furnace should run only on LP...never heard of an electric "furnace". It takes 12 volt battery to run the circuit board and thermostat, also for the hot water tank to run on LP there should be a switch for either electric or LP or combination of both. Refrigerator should have a button or switch on front that either says "auto", AC or LP. Fridge should run on LP if you have the LP turned on and switch either set to LP or auto or if plugged in it will run on ac if on auto or ac. You still need a fully charged 12 volt "house battery" for the circuits on the fridge, hot water tank and furnace. You probably also have a LP leak detector that must be operating (requires 12 power) (safety part for your well being, won't let lp out of main lp tank if it is not on). Try this at home before you hit the road.......good luck.
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    Re: getting furnace and hot water heater to work

    Archer is correct that if you still have an RV furnace and water heater, then it should work from 12V power for the blower and control circuitry. The only heat source in an RV furnace is propane. For the RV water heater, it could have both 120V-ac power and propane for heat, but it also has to have 12V-dc power for the controls. Many of them are propane heated only.

    If your furnace can heat with no propane, you don't have an RV furnace.

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