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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by LEN, Oct 25, 2013.

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    The MH that is. Found out I had some ROT in a side wall(fixed the leak as soon as I new it was there but too late. The eating area wall about a 2'x2' place. Had pro's do it as I was able but getting the right matching wall covering was beyond me. WOW talk about a good job and you would never guess there was anything wrong, they went as far as needed and then a bit further. And they were able to match the original wall, neat. Well brought the MH to the house and gave it a good bath then waxed the roof so I hope the oxidation streaks are no more. from rain in storage. Then put it to bed for the next 3 months until we head out for the south during the hard winter months. Will wake up the Gen every month till we leave but that is about all the attention needed other than an oil and filters change. Hope others are getting out, just not the type of weather I want to be out other than maybe hunting.

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    Glad to see you got your unit back and the repairs were seamless.

    By chance what caused the initial leak?
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    I have a solar panel on the roof. When they installed steel screws were use and NOT covered with Dycor, instead they made a V fo rrain water to run into. Once the screw-screws rusted the water came poring in, and I mean pouring in. But there must have been a time of a little at a time before the flood. As soon as I knew the leak was there I found and sealed it but too late damage was done. Lucky I caught it as soon as I did so rot was minimal and an EZ repair. Had warning but I didn't relate to a leak on the roof. I had a wet bay or two that are now dry. Water go's in some strange dirrections!!!!


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