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    Due to the fact that Hydrogen gas burns so much faster than Gasoline, engines with compression ratios greater than 9.5 to 1 are very susceptible to damaging pre-detonation (engine knock).
    For this reason, Hydrogen conversions are not recommended for vehicles with turbochargers, superchargers, or compression ratios greater than 9.5 to 1.

    Unfortunately, because Hydrogen fuel has been in the news a lot these days, many fly-by-night "investment firms" and "Hydrogen Research" companies have popped up asking for money from investor..., then disappearing into the night.

    ANY claim of fueling a car with water, and having the water converted to Hydrogen quickly enough to power a passenger vehicle is pure B.S. The bottom line is simple physics. It takes electrical energy to break the Hydrogen-Oxygen bond in water and release the free gases... and that takes time. The more energy applied to the water, the faster the gasses will evolve... up to a point.

    It will always take more energy to get the Hydrogen out of water than you will get from it.
    So, if you see videos of a guy pouring water in his car and claims it is powering it...
    it's pure B.S.
    There has to be a completely separate energy source to extract the Hydrogen from water before you can use it as fuel.

    It is not possible to create sufficient amounts Hydrogen gas from water (on board the vehicle) fast enough to idle the smallest passenger vehicle. If you're towing a nuclear reactor behind the car, along with a motor home-sized Hydrogen generator, you might have sufficient power and volume to accomplish the task, but that kind of defeats the purpose behind the conversion. :clown:

    I have documents from research over the last 2 years on the subject. A person who travels the U.S. selling this magic wonder came to an RV park we were in. He had a large crowd of RVers standing around his test car and motor home. He was demo ing his nissan car running on both gas and hydrogen. As he pressed the accelerator the meter on the hydrogen monitor showed an increase of hydrogen consumption. Up to 45% the meter read.

    Well I had closed the valve from his so called hydrogen generator minutes before he started his demo. He didn't notice and neither did anyone else other than my wife. So after all the hub-bub, I showed him and everyone there what I had done. Needless to say, he was insulted and very upset. It did break the crowd up quickly and some in the crowd knew sign language that was directed at the man doing the demo.

    :cool: :laugh:

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