Ground clearance on 40's

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by nctox, Jun 19, 2010.

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    I'm new to the idea of RVing, and am interested in buying a late model used 40' diesel pusher. I haven't really gotten into looking yet, but I have one big concern. I live in western NC, mountainous terrain. My driveway is a little steep, but that isn't my biggest worry. I'm worried that the dip between the paved road and my driveway will cause a 40 footer to drag the rear portion behind the rear wheels. Is there any way to determine whether this will be a problem before I start looking at MH's? Is there a "rule of thumb" or something more specific for determining the change in grade(slope) that a MH can handle?
    I used the search function and found a similar question asked about a year ago, but it didn't really get an answer. :question:
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    Re: Ground clearance on 40's


    I know you will want to shoot me after reading the link. It does however tell you how to figure/calculate approach angles for vehicle drag. Figs 4 & 5. I will tell you this I do not have enough fingers or toes to do that calc. I think the longest wheelbase you can find would be a huge help. I only ever drug once in my 38' and present coach is 43' and have yet to drag.

    I used "calculate driveway approach angles" on google to come up with this.

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    RE: Ground clearance on 40's

    Hi nctox,I have this problem with my 34ft class A.You will find photos in the album section when I first tried to put RV in driveway.Tow bar had to be removed and we still dug into slope.We tried many options and angles of entry but had to have driveway built up at street level.At this time Texas clodhopper furnished me with a graph showing calculation of angle required. Photos only show toyota van as rv was in storage while we sorted out problem.Our slope was made worse as we only have limited turning in our narrow street and the road and the driveway both have a steep slope.Problem is solved for me, hope you can solve yours.PS.Welcome to this forum. Regards BIG BILKO. :) :) :) :)
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    Re: Ground clearance on 40's

    Thanks Vanole,
    No, I didn't want to shoot you, but I was hoping for something a littler simpler to help me figure out my driveway question. It is obviously a numbers problem, and without the exact wheelbase and slope I would be just guessing. I will start looking and learning.

    big bilko,
    Yeah, I am thinking I will have to regrade my driveway. I will need to get smart on specific slope requirements, etc.
    Thanks for the responses.
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    Re: Ground clearance on 40's

    Take one for a test drive. You may not have a problem. Just have someone watching so you don't get into trouble. ;)

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    Re: Ground clearance on 40's

    Get your best deal and then tell the salesman if he can get it in your driveway you will buy :)

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