Ground Fault Outlets

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by bandalop, Nov 29, 2010.

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    This thread has to do with a wiring problem I have on a 1999 ALFA 5th wheel. The 115V outlets in the bedroom work, the outlets in the kitchen/living area do not. All outlets on one 20A breaker. I have had input to the fact that one of my ground fault outlets could be the problem. I have one ground fault outlet in the bath area and one in the kitchen. Doesn't the ground fault outlet only control that outlet? Or can a ground fault outlet be wired to affect a string of outlets? Anyone have any ideas on the subject?
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    Re: Ground Fault Outlets

    It is wired to a string of outlets. I had one that the ground fault was hot but the others in a line were dead, ended up being a loose wire from the ground fault. And to make it worse RV's can be wired to a ground fault that is in the basement or in a bay outside. If all else fails you could get a tone and probe, hook it to a outlet with the power off and then trace the wires with it. It is a devise that sends a signal down a wire and the probe pics up that signal and emits a sound when next to the wire.

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    Re: Ground Fault Outlets

    Yes, I believe you can have up to five or seven receptacle connected down stream of a ground fault indicator. So If one trips so do all of the rest.

    Lens suggestion is a good one. Some GFCI will have a little red light that will shine when it trips.
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    Re: Ground Fault Outlets

    You can have other non-GFCI outlets downstream, feeding off a GFCI. One thing you can't have is a GFCI outlet feeding off another GFCI outlet. They will conflict with each other and will trip each other with no fault other than being hooked up to each other. So, if you have two GFCI outlets, make sure they are not on the same circuit.

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