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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by tinybubbles73, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. tinybubbles73

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    My husband and I live in Florida have been looking at RVs for a while. We're both in our 40s with a 5 yr old and a dog. We both work full time at stressful jobs and want some outdoor fun for everyone! We went to an RV show and fell in love with a Brookstone Ruby 5th wheel...and bought it. Now we are feeling out of breath trying to find a truck to purchase to tow it, not to mention, getting acclimated to this new change. My husband thinks we bit off more than we can chew but the quality of life it gives us is what I am keeping in site. Any advice how to make this new change in our life seem like a great idea? Really need an idea of what kind of truck we need for this 5th wheel too. This truck will be what I commute 45 mins in each day, one way.
  2. H2H1

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    well I don't own a 5er, but have friends who do. First what size is the new 5er? Second what is the weigh of the new 5er? I think you need to know these before you start looking. Now once you know all of this I would think maybe a Chevy 2500 diesel, Ford 250 diesel and a Dodge 2500 diesel. I feel with anyone of these will do you right. Also remember you must figure in what you will be carrying in the 5er and inside storage bins. All things add weight, and pulling is only half of the problem,,,, REMEMBER you got to stop what you are pulling.
  3. tinybubbles73

    tinybubbles73 Junior Member

    The size is 35 feet and the weight is 15,300 lbs. My husband has a Chevy Equinox so we'll trade my van in and look for a diesel I'll get online and start looking. Thank you!
  4. H2H1

    H2H1 Senior Member

    well that a good size and you will need a good diesel to pull it. If you look at a Ford, stay away from the 6.0 liter ford diesel. Ford has had a lot of trouble with them. The Chevy Durimax is good and I am a Chevy man, but I think a Dodge cumin is the best
  5. sassyrascal51

    sassyrascal51 Junior Member

    Our 5th wheel is 12,142lbs. We pull with a 2005 Dodge 3500 duallie. No problems
  6. TJFogelberg

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    There is a learning curve with any new RV purchase. Take your time researching vehicles and things will fall into place. I looked at a You tube on the Brookstone Ruby 5th wheel, looks ideal for a family!
  7. JCZ

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    I would suggest a 1 ton truck and preferably a dually (dual rear wheels).

    I've had both Ford and Chevy trucks and I'm back in a Ford now. If you're buying new(er) the Ford 6.7L diesel is hard to beat. Shop and drive all three.

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