Holiday Rambler 5th Wheel

Discussion in 'Towables' started by Bill M, May 9, 2010.

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    I saw a new 2009 HR Alumascape yesterday, it was a 33SKQ 35 footer. The dealer had it marked down from 61059.00 to 39990.00. I asked the dealer why and he said because HR went Bankrupt and there would be no regular warrenty on this sale. He did say however that they would give me a one year premium extended warrenty if I bought it. Is this a good buy considering he circumstances? I know nothing about HR 5th wheels, are they a good product? The only thing it does not have is a generator and they said that would add about 5800.00 to the purchase price. feed back would be appreciated.
    Thanks Bill M
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    Re: Holiday Rambler 5th Wheel

    Thanks for the reply I will keep you posted.
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    Re: Holiday Rambler 5th Wheel

    I have a HR Alumalite and Holiday was purchased by Monaco, and is still operating

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