Hopkins TPMS

Discussion in 'Towables' started by Lazyd, May 19, 2009.

  1. Lazyd

    Lazyd New Member

    I've been looking at the hopkins system at Camping World any idea if it is reliable?
  2. Steve H

    Steve H Senior Member

    RE: Hopkins TPMS

    HEREis a Hopkins thread at RV.net. I have not read a lot about this brand so I can't help you. I did just purchase the TST. It should arrive this week. Camping World sells both but at a much higher price than you pay buying direct!

    Happy Camping!
  3. msmorto

    msmorto New Member

    Re: Hopkins TPMS

    (2005 Georgie Boy Pursuit)
    I have purchase a Hopkins tpms and I m not very satified with it . I have called Hopkins on several time to get some awnser of why this unit did not
    worked as I though it should. Tthey sent me all new sensors at no cost except ship back the old one , but that did not work, They also sent me a repeater at no cost and that did not work as it should. They sent me a bran new unit. but it did the same thing. The unit is very nice and prety but it would give me some wrong read out from my tire presure. I whent on a 500 miles trip last week and it gave me reading that some sensor where missing, So I stoped and check ea. tires but every thing seem OK. So I disconected the unit and when on.
    On the way back Home I conected the unit again and this time the unit would tell me that one of the front tire had 45psi and my car dolly had 85 psi
    I think that this system is not very reliable. I have sent everything back to the Co. and now I'm waiting for my money back

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