How big is too big to trailer?

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by stenerelli, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. stenerelli

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    Hi everyone. New to the forum, not new to camping. I have a hybrid Starcraft that is ~24 ft. from bumper to ball. The family loves camping and we're considering upgrading. My question is more around how big is too big from a campsite perspective (not worried about the towing part)? We live in NJ and travel the east coast and I'm concerned that a 29' TT (about 32 - 33 bumper to ball) is going to be a headache getting into and out of sites. Most smaller trailer layouts won't accommodate 3 kids as well. With a Suburban to tow it I'd be looking at ~50'. Too big to deal with for the avid transient camper? Without specific campgrounds to point to, this is just a general question.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. C Nash

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    Re: How big is too big to trailer?

    Welcome to the forum Steve. Size will depend on where you camp. Most all cgs can handle a rv that's 29 ft. Some National and State parks may not handle this size but don't think you would run into many. Total length with the suburban should not be a problem in most cgs if you are careful in turns and backing into sites.
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    Re: How big is too big to trailer?

    I agree with Chelse that the trailer you are looking at should only rarely have difficulty geting into spaces at the vast majority of parks and campgrounds. We have traveled full-time for more than nine years in a 35' motorhome and only rarely do we have difficulty in finding a site that we fit into. We tend to spend more time in state, federal and county parks and we love the life. Once your RV gets to be more than about 15' there will be a few places that you won't fit. As the length increases, the number will rise but until you exceed 35' it won't

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