how to diag a Norcold fridge?

Discussion in 'RV Tips & Tricks' started by FiremanJay, Jun 30, 2010.

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    I have a model N61 Norcold Fridge in my 05 jayco. its been working fine until this past week. I only use the trailor in the 4 or so summer months. first trip of this season it was fine. We decided to leave some food in it because we were leaving again in 2 weeks but the firdge caused all the food to go bad. It has stopped working. I have researched all over and found many forums and so forth. I finally decided to order a new control board due to all my imputs being present and no ignitor or functions working. It is going to be a 130.00 guess. But I figured i'd eliminate that as a cause. Its on backorder according to thetford.Now I have reset the Board and it has been working for 2 days? with Old board still in place. I had 5 flashing lights when it was inop. Now I have a solid flashing light on both indicators one is the auto/gas switch and the other is the Check gas light. Normal operation is= when in gas mode gas light is solid, when in ac mode or auto and connected to shore current both lights are on. So I have a working fridge now both ways, gas and ac. All i did was verify exhaust to be unobstructed,all powers and grounds,gas supply,level,and I assume that if a reset has is working all those checks were in vain. Now how do I get the board to go into lock out mode again? So I can get the proper code from the flashing led to identify the issue that made it lock out in the first place? Please help and sorry for the long explination....... :)
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    Re: how to diag a Norcold fridge?

    Hello Jose and welcome to the best forum on the web. :cool:

    If your fridge is working I would leave it along. You may or may not have the problem again, but, if you get in there and try to repeat the failure, you could be opening up a can of worms. ;) JMHO :)
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    Re: how to diag a Norcold fridge?

    sounds to me like the blockage u found may have caused u'r prob ,, IMO ,, rv refers need alot of outside air to work ,, and if they can't vent the heat outside ,, then ,, they don;t work ,, but i would try it out and do as triple E said ,, also one other thing ,, u do have a fan "inside" the refer to circulate the air inside ,, right ?? :) :approve:
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    Re: how to diag a Norcold fridge?

    Based on my experience in trouble shooting, I'd say that it would be anyone's guess as to what may have been the original problem. I would keep a close eye on it, but Norcold has been known to need the reset at times. If you visit the site of Bryant RV ( ) you can down-load a copy of the service history and also a copy of the service manual. Either one or both could be helpful in the future.

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