How to find value

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Pat77, Jun 11, 2005.

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    :question: My wife and I bought a brand new Arctic Fox 33-5v fifth wheel last December when we thought we would need it for a couple of years as we built our new house - but then we found the perfect place already built. So now we are thinking of selling the unit but aren't sure how to find the used value. A new one costs about $42k but ours has a 7 yr. superduper extended warranty that cost almost $2k - we would break even at $35k, but I heard they depreciate pretty quick. Is there "blue book" for these things? If we have to take a bath we'l just keep it.
  2. C Nash

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    How to find value

    You can go to NADA and get the value of your rv but i think you are going to find that it has probably depreciated quit a bit. Really take a hit the first few years :(
  3. Kirk

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    How to find value

    Chelse is correct, but you will get better information if you use the actual book. Most libraries have them as do most banks who ever finance an RV. There are actually two competing books, the NADA one and also the Kelly Blue Book. Either one will give you the high, medium and low retail price, the wholesale price and the loan value. It will be much more accurate than you find on the internet for free.
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    How to find value

    what if your RV is a pre-1990? NADA doenst go back to 1978.
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    How to find value

    Go to traderonline and any other classified listings you can find for RV's. See what every one else is asking for a piece like your own. Make a few phone calls. See which ones have sold. IMO this is a better way to find out what anything is worth, much better than the "books". Keep in mind that dealers typically are going to be able to sell a unit for more than an individual can.

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