Hybrid/Extendable, Air Condtioning, and Noise

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by ksmith, Apr 2, 2009.

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    I'm new here and although not new to RV's, I'm new to RV ownership. We are thinking of buying an extendable for weekend excursions and an annual one week vacation. I'm curious if anyone has any experience with them, as I have some questions:

    1. How much heat or cold is lost through the "tents"?
    2. How much of a problem will noise (vehicles, neighbors, crickets, locusts & frogs) be though the tents?
    3. How much less would the noise be with a standard travel trailer?

    Other than those potential problems, the only other issue is the outside person having to climb over the inside person when they want to get out of bed.

    Other than those fears, we think we will really like the thing.

  2. LEN

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    Re: Hybrid/Extendable, Air Condtioning, and Noise

    Cold and heat are a big problem with tent trailers. The mattress is thin and cold comes through. we used an xtra 2" foamy to help with heat and comfort. In the sun they heat fast and stay hot, but you can open them up all over.
    Noise is like standing outside and same outside listening.
    Standard trailer would be warmer as much less air transfer. Would also be cooler for longer but will stay hot longer in the evening, airconditioning is an option. And the noise level in and out is much lower.
    Wind is another problem if you are camping and caught in it. My son and I were in it once and I thought the tent trailer was going to blow over with us in it.

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    RE: Hybrid/Extendable, Air Condtioning, and Noise

    1- heat and cool air loss, it will be heat and cold getting in with no insulation to keep it out ( air and furnace will run almost all the time)

    2-you will here all of the noises

    3- the only thing you will here will be your kids

    you will have to air the tent ends out before folding them in, if you fold them in damp or wet the inside will get smelling like a old pair of shoes
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    Re: Hybrid/Extendable, Air Condtioning, and Noise

    LOL,,,, i like the part about outside listening on whats going on inside the camper :bleh:

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