Hydronic Propane Systems

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by akadeadeye, Jul 20, 2009.

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    Can Someone explain to me what this is, versus 2 AC/Heat Pump units and why I should get one. We are about a week away from ordering a new Newmar. Some have suggested we should have this and some have suggested we will be fine with the two heat pump AC units, considering the cost difference.

    Any comments will be appreciated.

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    RE: Hydronic Propane Systems

    wel first off welcome to the forums ,, and i have been repairing rv's for yr's ,, and i have not heard fo this ,, but it may be new ,, what i think they may or may not be mentioning ,, is the use of the engine coolant to heat the water heater ,, and also as a second heating ,, but i have been wrong before ,, and will prolly on this thread also ,, but to let u know here is what i found on what u mentioned http://www.rixens.com/system.htm
    Hope this helps ,, and too me ,, not worth the extra cost ,, just more to repair ,, if it goes bad ,, but JMO ;) :approve: :) :)
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    Re: Hydronic Propane Systems

    Here's an explanation as it applies in general and the link where it came from. Basically the hydronic system uses one source of heat to heat up water for multiple purposes. The same hot water that is used to wash the dishes is used to heat the unit to.

    Hydronic heating systems use water as a “conveyor belt
    for heat.” Heat is loaded onto a stream of fl owing water within a
    propane-fueled heat source such as a boiler or water heater. This
    heat is carried throughout the building as the water fl ows along
    a distribution system containing tubing, circulators, and other
    components. Finally, the heat is unloaded from the water and
    released into individual rooms using one of several types of
    heat emitters. ( PDF file link )

    Although, in an RV they seem to use a fluid other than water to do the heat transfer more efficiently.
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    Re: Hydronic Propane Systems

    First of all welcome.
    As to the hydronic system, I have yet to see a propane fired(maybe the builders are coming out with something new) as diesel fired are quite common on higher end diesel pushers. The hydronic system will give better more even heat throughout the coach and have heated basement and if boon docking less electrical energy draw. The other plus to the system is never ending hot water. If you go this route order the double electric element to go with the hydronic system(I believe they come standard with one) so when plugged in you should not need the diesel/propane except in very cold weather.


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