I have bubble under front panel

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by nljohnson53, May 21, 2009.

  1. nljohnson53

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    I just bought this Dutchman pull rv. After a few months I have noticed that the outer cover has came out as if it has separated from the board. This is on the front of camper. Has any one else had this happen and what can be done to repair this? Thanks for any advise.
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    Re: I have bubble under front panel

    Hello and welcome,

    What you have is delamination of the fiberglass. Water has gotten in there and moistened the glue. It can be fixed, take it to a body shop that can fix fiberglass. Or maybe a RV dealer...we fix it.

    Most importantly, go to figure out where the water came from.
  3. nljohnson53

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    RE: I have bubble under front panel

    I kinda figured that water was involved. It's a new trailer, got a great deal on it, but didn't notice the problem until a while later. My son-in-law and I looked for water signs all in the inside but none to be found. Did see were some one had maybe pulled the front window and resealed it. The question is: Is it going to hurt any thing to use it as long as the leak has been stopped and maybe later I can pull the window and reglue and repair. Sence this RV came from a "repo lot" no warrenty will cover it and I don't live close to a dutchman dealer, I might tackle this repair myself. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Any repair pointers are welcome.
    Later Nate
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    Re: I have bubble under front panel

    There is some success in gluing that type of thing. If the leak has been completely stopped, then it should be pretty slow to get worse, but it probably will expand at least some until you get it repaired. If the loose area is all of it below that window and if it can be accessed from there by removing the window, that would make the possibility of successful repair much higher. The key is to first, use the proper adhesive and second to get that adhesive spread completely through the loose area. Once that is done you need to use plywood or something to spread the pressure that you apply completely across the area. Most folks park the RV near a wall and use boards or blocks between the wall and the wood to supply the pressure until the adhesive cures. With it inside of the wall it will be pretty slow to cure.

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