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Discussion in 'RV Tips & Tricks' started by oldbuckman, Jan 26, 2009.

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    Does Anyone Know How To Winterize Ice Maker In Refrigerator?
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    RE: ice maker

    well first off ,, welcome to the forums ,, now are u talking about an ice maker in the refer ,,, or a stand alone ice machine ,,, well either way all u need to do is disconnect the main water supply line ,, and blow it out with air ,, but make sure the ice level thingy is not in the off position ,,, and then wipe out the water ,,, btw u don't want the pink stuff in the ice maker ,,, but hope this helps :approve: :)
  3. H2H1

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    Re: ice maker

    well I have a filter under the sink of my MH that is for separate faucet at the sink and for the ice maker. I installed a cut off valve on that water line and isolated it from the regular water line. By doing this I can put the pink stuff in all the other water lines. I also disconnected it at the outside connection and drained the ice make line. Like 730 said u don't want to put it in the ice maker. :laugh: :laugh:
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    Re: ice maker

    Ice Maker? I must have a caveman RV. :bleh:
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    Re: ice maker

    really, If I want to make ice, I have to fill up the little trays and wait a few hours.
  6. C Nash

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    Re: ice maker

    I disconnect mine at the valve which is behind the outside panel and run the antifreeze until it flowes out the pipe. I disconnect both sides of the valve so water in the line to the freezer drains. I do not run antifreeze in the upper supply line. I also disconnect the power to the line that heats the supply line from the valve to the freezer. The line tends to get brittle if the heat comes on with no water in it. Mine also has a shut off valve which is located inside behind the panel under the fridge which I close and winterize the rest of the MH. When I dewinterize I open the shut off valve and run water until all antifreeze is out of the lower supply line.

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