Installing Laminate Flooring

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Alfagoldfella, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. Alfagoldfella

    Alfagoldfella New Member

    We're about to install laminate flooring in our fifthwheel. Any suggestions or known issues this the process? :question:
  2. cougarkid

    cougarkid Senior Member

    Re: Installing Laminate Flooring

    Take your time. Read the instructions.

    Measure twice, cut once.

    MEASURE TWICE, cut once.
  3. Alfagoldfella

    Alfagoldfella New Member

    Re: Installing Laminate Flooring

    Thanks for the response. We are thinking about doing the laminent flooring and keeping the original carpeting around the slide-outs. Any problems with the slide-outs going over the laminet?
  4. chief4-1

    chief4-1 New Member

    RE: Installing Laminate Flooring

    I installed laminate flooring in my motorhome last spring. I suggest you nail or glue the first piece at the walls leaving about a 1/4 inch for expansion. Then float the rest of the floor for the variance in the climates you may visit. I suggest you use the vapor barrier that the floor manufacturer recommends to keep moisture and noise to a minimum. You should not have any issues with your slides. I did not have any problems. Leaving the carpet on the slides and the base of the captains chairs if you have them is a good idea. Saves you a ton of work.

    Good luck with your project. By the way it should take you one full day to do the job. Also I forgot to tell you I finished off the floor by putting quarter round at the edges. made it look professional.
  5. gypsyoutdoors

    gypsyoutdoors New Member

    Re: Installing Laminate Flooring

    using 1/4 round is the way to go (as trim) go to lows or home depot and inquire about under lay. they have stuff out now with a R rating, thats what i'm going to be using in our MH. Keep you cool and worm. Were in the middle of ripping the old carpet and dinnette out. Plus since we only need 120 sq/ft most the used building supply places should be able to help you out. its scratch and dent or left overs from other jobs...for half the price. remember if your paying more then a buck a sq/ft your paying to much. I'm not sure about nailing the first pice(or glue)...i'd recomend just nailing the 1/4 round down. To keep a true floating floor, plus it'll be easyer to replace in years to come, with no damage to the sub floor.....PL or other construction glues can a serious head works too well
  6. stefan s

    stefan s Junior Member

    How did your install go? We found some cheap laminate flooring and are hoping to redo our RV in the off season this winter to get it ready for a long roadtrip out west. Thanks Chief4-1 about your suggestion of nailing or gluing the first piece down and the vapor barrier. I will have to try that out. I just want something that will look good as well as something that can be repaired inexpensively if needed.

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