Interior Fabric/Leather/Vinyl Treatments

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by jet, Jan 14, 2002.

  1. jet

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    I am purchasing a new Alpine and a treatment to prevent mildew, fading and discoloration, water repellant' a guard against stains is available as an extra from the dealer. This is called Prestige Coatings. I have light colored carpet and biege leather seats and wonder if this is a good idea for $1000 or like the undercoating of old for "preventing auto rust". Any comments?
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    Interior Fabric/Leather/Vinyl Treatments

    I believe that most of these "extras" are just another way for the dealer to get a few extra bucks. You can probabaly do the same job yourself and for a lot less than a 1000 bucks. I worked for a auto dealer for 20+yrs and they loved to sell the extras andall the way to the bank. Made the cars look better but, like I said you could put the stripes on for a lot less than 500 bucks. AJMO

    Chelse L. Nash

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