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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by larryccf1, Aug 7, 2008.

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    as some may have read in the class B forum, i'm planning on building a class B van

    only area i'm fairly weak in is electrical power draws - i've found DC to AC power inverters that will deliver 900Watts of 120V

    i was thinking to install two 100 amp hour deep cycle batteries, the sprinter dodge van has an auxiliary battery isolater and disconnect as an option, as well as a 220 amp alternator.

    will i be able to run a small coffee maker, 700 watt microwave or a tv (LCD) when parked with no generator running, and if so, for how long? don't plan on using all three at same time but for instance, the TV, without knowing the current draw, but using my desktop computer as a ref, it's drawing .9 amp 120V) - how long would those two batteries support TV useage before having to turn generator on?

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    RE: inverter question

    wow, kind of feel like i posted on a foriegn language board in the wrong language

    for those that read and are curious on the info - i forgot, a friend of mine is an electrical engineer (in fact he mfgrs a ultra-sound tank monitor for RVs as well as a circuit board that monitors battery voltage and starts the generator when batteries go too low)

    the answer, everything seems to be measured in wattage, that watts are the same no matter the voltage, so a 100 amp hour 12V battery (in ideal conditions) will have 1200 watts at full charge.
    A 19" Samsung LCD tv draws 50 watts, so theoretically the battery will support the TV for 24 hours useage.

    Inverter suffers efficiency loss, as do other items in the system, but still, i'm safe assuming 4-6 hours of TV time plus a pot of coffee, off one battery. If i install two batteries, i'm good to go for the above and overnight useage on the refrig, furnance, whatever.
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    Re: inverter question

    Duh, huh :clown: Those of us that read are just RVers. Sounds like you already had the answer. I'm impressed. :laugh:
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    Re: inverter question

    Wonder if he was checking us or his electrical engineering friend? Inquirying minds always want to know.
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    Re: inverter question

    I thought we answered somewhere else on the forum. Did you post in two places?
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    Re: inverter question

    Didn't realize we needed an engineering degree to own an RV. Maybe I better rethink getting one. :laugh:
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    Re: inverter question

    Glad I didn't post an answer :laugh:
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    Re: inverter question

    What??????????? :clown:

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