Is Newmar a good RV?

Discussion in 'Class A / Diesel Pushers' started by obobbo, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. obobbo

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    Hi there all!! I want to buy a D.Pusher and i seem to like Newmar's the most.So is Newmar's a RV that is dependable and easy to maintain?

    Love to hear what other people think about Newmar versus the others.. :) :question:
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    RE: Is Newmar a good RV?

    well welcome ,, yes newmar is a good coach , but they have their probs just like other do , what size u lookin at ???
    I would look also at the Tiffin line of coaches ,, they are very good ,, and they stand behind their product ,, even after the warrnty is out
  3. nifty9

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    RE: Is Newmar a good RV?

    I am one who thinks they make a very good DP. Looked for four years until I found ours side radiator/ 3 slides independent front and 350 cummins and nice condition and price.I dont which to sell but resale on newmar coaches. up here in Canada sell better than some of the that do not have the side radiators.
  4. musikfans

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    RE: Is Newmar a good RV?

    If you go to or they have owners forums for all the brands and you can ask the Newmar owners how they like their rigs. They have solid construction and I've heard good things about their service. Good luck! :)

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