Is now the right time to move up???

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Texican, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. Texican

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    We've been enjoying our 2001 Starcraft 1150 Truck Camper and it fits our current camping needs well. I purchased it new in 2002 at a very good discount because there were several units leftover and Starcraft was discontinuing all of their large truck camper line. I load it onto my one ton diesel dually when we head out for extended weekends to the coast, campgrounds, state/national parks, etc. It also served well when parked in the driveway for several months while I remodeled our home.

    Down the road I was thinking about moving up to a Class A Diesel when we retire in about eight years, however, now seems to be a good time to to make the move. The 2010 models are starting to show up and there are still NEW 2009, 2008, and even some 2007 models sitting on dealer lots. I've seen discounts of over 50% off of MSRP on several models from manufacturers that are no longer around. We do not plan on fulltiming when we retire. We were thinking of utilizing our motorhome as our second/vacation home and spending a few months up north during the hottest part of the Texas summer visiting with family, friends, etc.

    Any thoughts on purchasing now vs eight years from now? Are there other out of sync snowbirds/winter texans who head north for the summer out there???
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    Re: Is now the right time to move up???

    The thing to keep in mind is that it will age eight years in the mean time as well. I really do not see how anyone can estimate what the time/value of money will be between now and then, especially with the present economic turmoil. A part of the question also must be whether you plan to finance or not, both if you buy now and if you wait? If financing, there is some value to the possible ability to pay it off before retirement but there are also many destination RV parks that do not accept RVs that are ten years or more old, so that could be a factor.

    If it were me, I would only buy now if you want to have it to use now. Who knows what may be available in eight years that isn't available now, or what the situation may be for fuel for a diesel pusher in terms of cost and availability. We all know that the RV market is in the early stages of a major change. What we don't know is how far it will change and what forces will play a part in it. To me, the purchase of an RV today for use in a plan that won't start for eight years is a tremendous gamble.
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    Re: Is now the right time to move up???

    The uncertainty will not improve until we change our government. You would not be planning to retire in 8 years if you were aware of how bad our country's financial situation is and will be due to what has been going on in Washington DC.

    Seek the news from sites other than the mainstream media, and you will better be able to make the decisions that you need to make.
  4. Texican

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    Re: Is now the right time to move up???

    Thanks for the input. Actually, Im already retired--my wife is not. We would definitely be using the motorhome in place of the truck camper until she retires then we would be using it more after she retires. I was thinking we could pay it down over the next eight years and then pay it off when she retires by selling some hunting property we have. In the meantine it would serve as our hunting lodge for tax purposes.

    Im only a half century old but one thing I do know is political, economic and social uncertainty and change is inevitable. For example, I did not know my mother would contract cancer and die last year. I did not know my mother-in-law would develop alzheimers and die last year as well. I joined the military in the early 80's because I was certain the US and the USSR would engage in WWIII and destroy the world as we know it. Gas used to be real cheap when i was growing up--I could fill my motorcycle for pennies. Its even worse in Europe. I've been affected by the Saving and Loan meltdown, the meltdown and our latest financial meltdown. The mighty Soviet Empire collapsed and the Socialist economy of eastern Europe changed overnight. I never thought I would see a black man elected president in my lifetime. I voted for the Naval Aviator. I watch FOX and listen to Rush. I was at the tea party when Glen Beck came to town. Now Im certain our country will break down into anarchy soon and I hope the military will declare marshall law and take over until everyone calms down and we can start over.

    I dont know that I will be alive in eight years but I hope I will. Im thinking I will go ahead and try to get the new RV. Who knows I might be looking for newer one in eight years. In the meantime we will enjoy it until my wife retires--if she ever does...
  5. elkhartjim

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    Re: Is now the right time to move up???

    I think you're making a wise decision.
  6. DL Rupper

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    Re: Is now the right time to move up???

    Sounds to me like good reasons to buy now. In 8 more years the greenies will probably pass legislation banning or prohibit owning anything larger than what the European Union deems acceptable (CLASS B's). Thank goodness the GREEN JOBS CZAR (Van Jones) just resigned. :dead: I only wonder who Obama will decree, while circumventing the Constitution, as the next Green Jobs Czar..

    Oh well, my moto is RV and enjoy now while I still can. :approve:

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