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    This place rocks. This is the second time we have stayed at this place. Last year when the RV broke down.This year by choice. we felt at home last time that we decided to come back. This people work endless hours making sure the entire park is safe and clean. As I sit and type this. Theyhave a steady flow of rv's, fithwheels and most of the cavins are full. amazing how they keep afriendly smile anytime you go to the store. the bathrooms are always clean.The grounds are manicured.This year they added a dog run. I specially love thatsince I am the one stuck walking the dog. My kids have made many friends at the pool and at the play fround. there is a wide field where we hit balls.Within minutes kids from the park come overfor their turn at bat. This place rocks. I requested A1 since it is the closest to the pool. From here I can keep aneye on the kids while they play at the pool.

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