Leak from Fay

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    Ok not much wind but a boat load of rain. I have noticed a small leak (more like a drip a few seconds) running right down the inside wall in the front right corner area. This is in the master bedroom area along the small cloths closet. It appears that the caulk may be cracked on the roof where the rolled 2x10 aluminum meets the rubber roof (front of trailer). I have it covered with a tarp for now and there does not appear to be any water damage. What is the best way to reseal the caulk. This doesn't seem to be from the storm rather typical caulk drying.

    Thanks :(
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    Re: Leak from Fay

    Clean the old caulking off. Reseal with a self leveling caulking. I like the Eatabond tape but not for sure about using when you have a rubber roof. Any RV place should be able to advise if the tape will work. GTS or Rod will maybe answer.

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