Leak in storage bins

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by odorisio, Sep 15, 2008.

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    We have a 2006 National RV Surfside.We purchased it 1 week after it was 'born'- and has been collecting water in its lower storage bins ever since.We've been everywhere to get it fixed,still no resolve.We decided to try and fix it ourselves. We have the leak from the wheel wells fixed, but there still seems to be a leak near the door gaskets.Does anyone have a suggestion? Signed, Soaked
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    Re: Leak in storage bins

    welcome to the forum. Is the leak in all storage bins? Have you cked to see if the doors are snug against the seals? Are the seals in good shape? Check with National well never mind they are no longer in business i think. Could be coming from higher up and running into the bins.
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    Re: Leak in storage bins

    C Nash brings yp a good point. My former neighbor had a HR Vacationer. He had a leak in his forward storage compartment. We tried everything for two years with no success. Then on a whim we pulled out the bolts on the forward awning arm support and they were rusted through and water dribbled out. Got new bolts and sealed the wholes a bit and he has had no problems since.

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    Re: Leak in storage bins

    Let's see...I have found and repaired leaks on my class C in the following places:
    roof - seams and edges of things
    awning - around the brackets
    windows - be careful not to seal up the drain holes that are there by design
    underside - crawl under and look for the places water could be going from the ground up
    storage compartments - around the access door

    Hope this helps...

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