Leaky Coachman Catalina

Discussion in 'Towables' started by earthage, Apr 26, 2011.

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    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced any issues with leaky Forest River products. A seal on the rear bunk slide was not installed properly (actually, it was missing altogether), so on the maiden voyage of our brand new catalina 32QBDS, the entire rear end of the trailer was soaked due to a rain storm! So much water that it soaked the entire rear bunk slide area, and then water actually pooled in the bathroom and into the dining room area at the transition of carpet and linoleum at the mid slide out.

    Basically getting nothing from manufacturer and dealer other than the warranty work........so they plugged in a dehumidifier and changed the trim that swelled, not really my idea of a fix!!! Over the last several months of me pushing, they are willing to test for mould over the next few years.

    In my mind, I should be getting remuneration for all of the issues, including camping fees we incurred where we had to basically nurse a soaked trailer for the week rather than actually enjoy the trip, and then all the headaches and BS we have had to deal with trying to get this taken care of. It just feels like we paid for a new trailer and we got a leaky water damaged trailer. I am totally frustrated and ready to park my truck in front of the dealership with a huge sign that lets potential customers know that the place is a rip off.

    Anyone have experience and advice in dealing with manufacture defects?
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    Re: Leaky Coachman Catalina

    Well Adrian I can feel for you and your problems but leaks are a common problem in RVs. There have been several issues with FR products if you will do a search here. Daugher has a FR TT and yes it had a leak but I resealed it for them and no problem since. Sealing is a monthly inspection on RVs IMO especially if you are on some of the rough roads we have. Dont be a one poster. Come back and keep us posted. No I don't think the dealer should have to reimburst you for ALL your expense. Are they trying to help? Parking out front with sigs is not the answer at this time IMO. Give the dealer and MFG time to do what is necessary. It is terrible to lay out the dollars for rvs and then have bad experiences but hang it there.
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    Re: Leaky Coachman Catalina

    Thanks for the input Chelse. I was a bit frustrated at the time of my last post, but they have had my trailer since the fall of last year and I have had no real action to date. They have agreed to conduct mould testing, etc. annually to ensure my family is safe inside the unit when we are camping and I wont be hanging a sign in front of the dealer anytime soon, but I am still frustrated. It feels as though they are doing as little as possible to try and mitigate the situation while ensuring at least a bit of snail paced progress takes place so they can say they are trying and something is done. I am actually meeting the dealer for a conference call with FR rep this afternoon, so I will keep the forum up to date with the results of my crusade.

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    Re: Leaky Coachman Catalina

    I would like to be a fly on the wall in that meeting...

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