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    we rented a RV (motorhome) in Argentina and it was our home for two months. While we were parking in Mendosa, someone broke into the RV and stole all our belongings (shoes, cloths, coats, camera, Ipod etc) value of $2500.
    The insurance company did not want to pay the demage and limited its liability to $ 400 as it was breaking into car ..
    We went to court with an argument that it was our home during this period it should be considered as breaking into our home therefore the insurance company's liability is higher and should pay the whole demage. The judge asked us to bring him a precedent or legal case establishing this principle within a week.
    If you know of such a precedent in your country I will appreciate if you send me details about this case.
    Many Thanks
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    RE: Legal advice - breaking into RV

    Well I have no precedent but I do have experience. My insurance company pays like a house insurance if we are stationary and pays like a car insurance if we are on the move. Example: When we were parked at home we had some awning and window damage. Farmers Insurance paid the claim just like it would if it were our home. The deductible was equal to the home deductible, etc.. When we were traveling in Alabama we were actually moving and scrapped the side of our trailer on an electric box. The insurance paid the claim just like it would if it were our truck.

    Possibly you could contact Farmers Insurance and get a precedent from them. Good luck!
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    RE: Legal advice - breaking into RV

    I have Statefarm Insurance and they have recently started asking for content value and increasing the policy accordingly. In the past they did not even ask.
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    Re: Legal advice - breaking into RV

    When I had allstate and now I have GMAC both had me give them an amount for personal property to put on the policy.
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    Re: Legal advice - breaking into RV

    Another thought might be your actual homeowner insurance for coverages. Is Mendosa, an RV campground ? If so, the expectation is that the site should be considered a place of residence (albiet temporary), and the RV was not a motor vehicle at the time. Good Luck.
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    Re: Legal advice - breaking into RV

    Thank you for your answers, I will try to add your comments to my letter to the judge.
    We are from Israel and there is a court for small affairs that a citizen can go without a lawyer.

    about our trip to Argentina, we had wonderfull time we started at Buenos Aires drove south to Ushuaia (the southest city in the world) and started crawling north between Argentina and Chile.
    Some of the places that we visited Peninsula Valdez, Los Gallegos, Tores del Paine, Puerto Natales, Glaciers national park at ElCalafate, Fitz Roy mountain, Bariloche and wonderful road in Chile the Caretera Austral, Chiloe Island, Villarrica volcano and Mendosa..
    We drove almost 8000 miles (2000 miles were unpaved)
    I will be happy to send more details and our trip plan and tips for Argentina and Chile


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