looking for used rv 1st timmer

Discussion in 'Class A / Diesel Pushers' started by Johnny Walker, Jan 16, 2010.

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    I am looking to purchase a 2oo6 or2008 Class A .I want input on the best overall length to get.Im thinking of 30 to 35 feet but am not sure mabe longer.My issuses are is there a certain lengths that are harder to drive and of course is there parking problems at RV grounds if over a certain length.
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    Re: looking for used rv 1st timmer

    Welcome to the forum Johhny. Length is not a problem while traveling on major rds IMO. Length will depend of you. We have a 33 ft with 2 slides that has served us well. A lot depends on what type camping you will be doing. Most major cg can handle big rigs but some of your national and state parks may fall in the shorter range. Will you be towing anything and have you ever owned a classA? 35 ft is a good size IMO and most cg can handle with no problem.
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    Re: looking for used rv 1st timmer

    I agree with nash ,, although i have not stayed in any national parks ,, i had a 40 fter and some of the resorts i stayed in had limits on the size ,, and also slide outs (which i didn't have) ,, but now i own a 36fter ,, and i do miss the extra length ,, but i don't have to worry about the size when picking out a CG , and also , when u do get one ,, do as i do look for CG's that have pull thrus ,, makes it much easier on the way out ,, not saying that i don;t like to back in spot ,,i can handle that ,, but it's the ease of just hooking up and then un hooking ,, and on u'r way :) :approve:

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