Manufacturers of Insulated windows

Discussion in 'Full Timing' started by onthecoach, Sep 28, 2008.

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    Hello All,

    I am still researching the solar thing, but I was anyone aware of a manufacturer of special insultated RV windows that are NOT HEHR??

    DH and I were at an RV show in Denver a couple of years ago, and we saw this really great was more like a real HOUSE WINDOW and I think it had an inert gas between the panes that helped insulate.

    I am trying to ascertain the name of this company to see if this may also be a good way to better insulate the coach and be more energy efficient.

    The goal here, in case you have not figured it out, is that when DH DOES return and retire, we want to have the coach as energy efficient as possible, so we can travel and use less energy -- and therefore, cut down our gas/propane and electricity costs on the road.

    We are open to any and all ideas any my have.

    Maybe we should open a thread just for Energy Cost Savings Ideas??

    Thanks to all of you....I know I don't write often, but you are all always with me and I value your friendship and knowledge!!

    Lynn :laugh:
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    Re: Manufacturers of Insulated windows


    I sent you a PM with a solution for windows that has worked on my home. Also a source for a good article on Solar Power for RV's.

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    Re: Manufacturers of Insulated windows

    Hi Vanole.........Don't keep all that "good information" to yourself....You have to share...... ;) ;) :) :) :) :)

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