Metzendorf travel trailer

Discussion in 'Talkback' started by JBa747, Sep 11, 2002.

  1. browndogohio

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    I believe my Metzendorf has 6.50 x 13ST tires but I will have to check them for sure. However, a copy of the original advertising brochure for that model says that it came with 6.40 x 15" tires as original equipment.
  2. Phil Wright

    Phil Wright New Member

    I am also in Ohio , Tuscarawas County. Mine is a 1956 ( clean title ). Has some water damage. It appears that the 5/8 plywood walls are it. Siding screwed onto that and that's all ????? Ant of the old plans or info. out there to share ? Thanx , Phil
  3. Sid

    Sid New Member

    Hey all, I'm new to the group, thanks for letting me in!
    We live in middle Tennessee and own a 1960 Metzendorf with a 10 foot body. Originally bought from friends of ours in New York about four year ago, we've had her from Canada to Key West, and getting ready to head to Portland Oregon in her this week. We've put thousands of miles of fun on her....
    As for tires, the proper size now would be 195/75R15, but they quit making that size tire a few years ago. I do have 205/75R15's on ours, BUT, you have to let the air out to get the tire on and off. It's a pain, but I haven't found a solution yet, the 205's are just a bit too wide.
    This chart from Tire Rack shows the conversion for earlier tires ...

  4. Dennis (colo)

    Dennis (colo) New Member

    Dave ,I just put some 165/80/R15 tires on mine, they went under fully inflated. Snug fit but perfect.

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