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    Purchased 6 Michelin tires 275/70r22.5 xze2+ (not xza2) Weighted my 99 Dutch Star 38ft. Front axle is carrying 9,160lbs and rear axle is carrying 15,330 and total wt 24,500lbs with full tank of fuel and empty holding tanks. Michelin inflation chart does not show amount of tire pressure to carry in my new tires. Would someone that has the xze tires give me an idea of the correct amount of pressure to carry. They are 18 ply tires. Each tire is rated at 6,940lbs at 130PSI. The inflation chart list shows 85lbs for the xza2 tires but nothing for xze2 tires. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Don
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    Re: Michelin Tires

    Hi Len
    Thanks for the Michelin chart. It shows 85PSI in front and rear tires, which seems very low to me. That's the same pressure in xza and xze tires.
    Been carrying 100PSI which seems to give it a little rough ride with 18 ply tires. maybe I should lower the pressure back to 90PSI. Thanks again for the chart. Don
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    I run the Mich. Rib tires on mine ,, and i run them at max pressure ,, "cold" i know it rides rough and such ,, but it does help with the side sway and such ,, well to me anyway ,, but there agian i have tag axles also ,, but JMO :) oops almost forgot ,, i run mine at 80psi cold ,, all 8 tires

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