mileage on large diesel pusher

Discussion in 'Class A / Diesel Pushers' started by boomerboater, Jun 16, 2007.

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    I made another similiar post on this site, then I noticed this subject. My wife and I are considering buying a large 36-40' diesel pusher. A used Beaver is top on my list. Are we crazy to be considering this with fuel prices as they are?!!! We presently own a nice 33' fifth wheel and tow it with a F350 Ford diesel. We average between 9-11+ mpg. What type of mileage might I get with a diesel pusher? I realize that it depends on driving speed, towing or not towing and what type of terrain. I am of course concerned about what the value of the motorhome would do IF prices for fuel keep going up and up. Your thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    Re: mileage on large diesel pusher

    Hey boomerboater, welcome to the forum. Same answer as on Beginning RVing. :laugh:
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    Re: mileage on large diesel pusher

    hey boomerboater! we own a 02 beaver santiam 40 ft. with a 330 cummins. we bought this coach new and have a lot of chances to check our milage. the lowest i can remember was 8mpg most of the time we run about about 10mpg. while towing a 05 dodge dakota. we are getting ready to buy a new coach and wouldn't consider buying anything else other than diesel pusher ( my own opinion) :) jim
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    Re: mileage on large diesel pusher

    Hi Boomerboater! I had a 95 Pace Arrow - gas engine - for about 12 years. It was fine...because we only used it a few times a year. When we decided to full-time we bought a diesel. If you plan to use the coach A need to diesel power, strength and longevity. The mileage changes depending on who's driving (including a tow car)!!!! If Hubby drives (70 - 80 mph) we get about 7.5mpg. When I drive (55-65mph) we get about 10-11mpg!!! When I drove the coach from Madison, WI to Cincinnati last summer, over 2 days, I averaged 11.5mpg!!! No Joke!!!

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